Alive, Alive, Alive

Bryce sang alongside good friends last Sunday on Easter.  All that practice on the way from daycare, all those times at home when Dawn sang and he didn’t, when the “Alive, alive, alive” sounded in my ears.  Bryce had me nervous that he wouldn’t do the thing.  But he seems to have gotten it.  Eliot, Hadassah, and Victoria did too.

As I pressed pictures with the camera, not far from Dawn who captured this video, I was reminded that what I saw was the whole purpose of what churches do.


2 thoughts on “Alive, Alive, Alive

  1. your son is so darn cute. so glad i got to see you all on easter sunday! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Krystle. He’s all right. It was good seeing you last week, too.

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