Picture Perfect

We have been so grateful and blessed to find a great photographer and storyteller in Kimmy Noonen.  Kimmy took pictures at our baby shower, which was a day beyond forever ago, and she’s been at a couple other key celebrations around the boy’s life with us.  After the boy’s birth, we were so impressed with the pictures from the shower, we made up a reason to get people together so Kimmy could take pictures.  That’s embellishing, but I’m so glad she’s captured moments for us, a few of which you can see below.

Even in her language, she’s helped me appreciate taking pictures in my head.  She’s helped me as a father watching my son grow and as a teller of stories.  For instance, during our session, between her pressing buttons on her camera and while Bryce was starting to fuss, she said something like babies probably cry more than they laugh and that needs to be documented.  I thought it was the smartest thing I’d heard in weeks.

The other day we got some pictures from last month’s bundle session.  I continue to be thankful that Kimmy takes life and puts it on display.  She’s more than a photographer, more than an artist.  Since I don’t need permission from my wife to post my own photos, I’ll only include a few (She’s sensitive about her image, you know).

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