For Really New Dads

Several of my friends are brand new fathers, several of them at my church.  I started blogging at Intersections when I became a new father.  I wrote a few posts over those first few months which I think are relevant for fathers and the people who love them.  So, I’m adding these older entries to the pile of recent posts on this blog.

I’d love to know what you think after looking through some of these.

3 thoughts on “For Really New Dads

  1. FYI: The “Four Things I really Don’t Like” link just sends me to a log on page. And since I don’t know your password, I can’t log in…

    Anyway, in a couple of spots you noted how it feels like parenthood “just might” be doable. That gives me hope. Thanks.

    (Also, how do you get babies to NOT urinate again while you’re in the midst of changing a wet diaper?!)

  2. Josh, thanks for visiting the blog, for looking at these entries, and for the feedback. I changed the link on the “Four Things” post. As for your question, well, I’m not much help. The boy has gotten me once in his 17 months. He has relieved himself in the bath, which doesn’t exactly count. I’m talking non-solids by the way. He’s emptied everything on me and my clothes once, a memory I shudder thinking of. But my thought is 1) to keep the clean diaper underneath the diaper you’re changing; 2) wipe while the wet diaper acts as a shield (note that this will take a finger or two to keep the wet diaper from making contact with the bottom being cleaned); 3) watch so that you can see any liquid sprinkling from your baby; 4) if all goes well, fold over the old wet diaper so that the diaper front is under the baby and the clean bottom; if all doesn’t go well, the old diaper can shield you from the urine; and 4) do all of these motions while instructing the child not the pee on you and you must you the right tone so that the kid doesn’t think this is a game.

    Anybody else with answers to Josh?

  3. Josh, our hypothesis is that being exposed to cold air is what was causing the mid-diaper-change-urination. We tried slowly opening the diaper and then quickly covering with a clean, unused diaper. IF, and that’s a big IF, baby doesn’t pee, you can use the unused diaper.

    The whole peeing thing went away by itself after a few weeks though. It does pop up every now and again (usually around 3-4 AM, when it’s least convenient).

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