You Need To See This: PSA 64

I read that Dr. Boyce Watkins is involved with a film exploring the impact of fatherless homes.  Then I saw the short promo for the film.  Squeaky Moore and Ashley Shante are the filmmakers, and their promo for the “Father’s Day” film went viral back in April, before I launched the For Fathers blog.  Nonetheless, you can find out about their work by visiting Squeaky Moore’s website here.

You need to see this promo below.  And you need to invite other people to see this–whether you’re Black or not, whether you’re a parent or not, whether you grew up with or without your father in your home.  And if you’re at all interested in supporting the work behind this, go here and learn more.

I’ll keep track of the film’s development and let you know how things go.

2 thoughts on “You Need To See This: PSA 64

  1. Hello Michael!

    Thanks for the support. The PSA and the film (Father’s Day? currently in production), are very dear to myself and writer, Ashley Shante’. We set out to make the film so that people around the world could see the affects of fatherless; the pain, rejection and abandoment and what it causes later in life.

    Well, we started shooting the film and are 1 more shoot day away from completion and then it goes into post. As of now we do not have a release date, but our objective is to have it premiere at the major film festivals first.

    Here are links to the behind the film footage on set of Father’s Day?, from this past weekend. Feel free to post them for peoples viewing pleasure. We are certainly attempting to garner as much attention as we can. Also, for constant updates, feel free to go to our site @ Links/ footage below:

    Day 1:

    Day 2:


    Squeaky Moore

  2. Great, Squeaky. I’ll look at these links and keep telling people about it on this blog and on my other one too. I’ll contact you because I’d like to suggest something else.

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