Did You Hear Me?

This has quickly become a common question.  It’s not a favorite question of mine, but it’s a common one.  I ask this question of my boy daily.  At least three times in a day about some different instruction or request or, frankly, command.

The question is my personal compromise.  I dislike repeating myself.  So, instead of retelling the boy what I told him, I ask him the common question.  The exchange goes something like this.

“Bryce, don’t eat the crayon.”

Bryce slowly lifts the colored pencil back into his mouth.

“Did you hear me?”

Bryce looks up, almost astonished at the question, as if he’s never heard it before, as if to say, “What?”

I stare at him.  I turn the corner of my mouth or scrunch my brows.

He puts the crayon down.

There are occasions when the common question is reintroduced.  These are times when he’s not getting it.  Yes, it still amounts to repetition if I have to repeat that question.  But who’s keeping count.  I do resist repeating the question itself at this point.  Bryce is very good at catching nonverbal cues as you read in the example.  He has been for a while, probably for much longer than we’ve given him credit.

He probably goes into that crib at night and laughs himself to sleep because we don’t believe he knows as much as he knows.  I said on a FB update once, and this remains my conviction, that the terrible twos started at month 14.  Do you have a common question that you find yourself asking some small non-rent -paying resident?

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