The other day I was talking with my wife about how much we’ve needed other people.  We’ve needed others to learn about the boy, to understand our roles as parents, to stay as close to sane as possible.  We’ve needed people to tell us where to go to get stuff for our son.  We’ve needed them to say things which wouldn’t occur to us.  We’ve needed them to pray for us, to babysit for us, to give us clothes their sons would no longer where.  We’ve needed wisdom and support.  We’ve needed people to watch our kid when we were working–yay Grandmothers and aunts and uncles and church members!

We needed people tell us when we didn’t need the doctor.  We’ve needed others to say when the space between our last date had grown too long.  I could list a dozen other ways that we’ve needed people to help us in the last 15 plus months.  Have you ever thought about who enables you to be the parent you are?  I’m sure you have you own list.

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